does anyone use any of the pedals made by this brand are they good?
I can get some of them really cheap tomorrow and just wanted to know if they are worth it I can get them for about $10 australian
any recommendations for pedals by them?
Ah me BH sale. Umm I'm not too sure on the full story but I read that some of these pedals were direct rip off of other pedals but yeah for 10 bucks you can't really go wrong mate. Anything you hate you can use as a projectile.
Nah BH ftl!!! Not enough CAPARISONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats very true but normally I go in the city when I want a new pedal and test all the different types and then get BH to order them in for me coz its closer and sometimes cheaper than anywhere else
back to topic:

DE pedals are amazing for their price (except the FAB series, the series above that, and the cool cat series are incredible). most of the cool cats are clones of REALLY high end pedals, true bypass, and dirt cheap. i stock pile DE pedals to see if i like using an effect cause theyre cheap but still a decent effect, and then invest in a better one if i like that effect. they are very good to experiment with.
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The Danelectro fab echo pedal is horrible beyond belief, no matter how i set it up it divides any distortion by zero.
Danelectro's FAB line is pretty bad, the 'food' line is okay but they have cheap housing. The Coolcat Pedals are awesome! I have the Cool Cat drive and it's amazing for my style. True bypass overdrive pedal for 25 USD, almost too good to be true. I also have the cool cat distortion, it's more 80s rock sounding, kind of interesting. If you are gonig to get a Dano pedal save up for the Cool Cats they are the only ones worth buying besides the more expensive Dano pedals.
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Quote by Kexmeister
The Danelectro fab echo pedal is horrible beyond belief, no matter how i set it up it divides any distortion by zero.

The Cool Cat line of pedals are great, especially for the price. I have a vibe and plan on getting the drive and maybe the fuzz.
Quote by Kexmeister
The Danelectro fab echo pedal is horrible beyond belief, no matter how i set it up it divides any distortion by zero.

are you running it in front of a distorted amp/distortion pedal? if the answer is yes then there's your problem.

but yeah danelectro pedals are very nice for the price.
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I have the FAB Overdrive and FAB Distortion (Red) pedals. They do fine at providing decent sounding OD and Tubescreamer type distortions. Their biggest drawback IMO is the mechanical switch can be broken - but since these are cheap, light duty pedals I don't beat on them like me old MXR battleaxe pedals ;-) I have tons of gear as well but the truth is for straightforward OD and TS style distortions the circuits in these pedals are just fine. Given their cost I feel they are a nice addition to my collection.
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The Cool Cat's are freaking great for the price. Built nice and solid unlike the FABs and the earlier mini pedals. There LED is blinding though.
i have the 20$ american FAB Distortion, I don't know the exact name, i had problems with it until i took it apart and found a piece of paper with some conducting material on it in the chip, took it out, now it sounds amazing. but that's just me... i also have the FAB chorus and O.D.
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They’re cheap and fun to play around with. They won’t make you sound like John Mayer, but if you want to go bonkers with dirty sounds they’re great for the money. Why pay $200 for boutique nasty effects pedals when you can get a similar nasty sound from Danelectro’s circuits for between $10 and $50?