I cant decide which one to get, a shop near me is doing a deal just now

£459.00 for Orange Tiny Terror and PPC112 Amplifier Half Stack


Orange Tiny Terror Combo for £459.00

is there much, if any, difference in sound?

the combo would be more convienient for gigging but the half stack combo looks cool haha

wat ye think?
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The main difference is the speaker. In my opinion, the head and cab are more convenient to carry around.
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yeah i think im drawn more to the head and cab

hhmmm decisions decisions
Guitar - Fender Jaguar HH Special (Black)

Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95

Zoom GFX - 3

Amp - Marshall MG100DFX

Band - Not Half Right
I say head and cab. If you enjoy playing with the head, you can always hook it up to different cabs in the future. Likewise, if you enjoy the sound of the cab, you can always use that with a different head.
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Get the half-stack, it's actually not that bad in terms of transportation. It comes a shoulder bag for the head. The cabinet is only about 20lbs so it shouldn't be a problem carrying it. If you're gigging and the place already has a cab, you can just bring the head. Or you can leave a cab at your practice space to lighten your load. I'm normally a fan of combos over halfstacks, but in the Tiny Terror's case and a lot of smaller heads, the stack makes more sense since you're not really saving weight, space, or money.

In terms of sound, the cab has a vintage 30 and is close backed. The combo comes with G-12s and are open backed.
Half stack for sure.

1) Looks cooler

2) Is cooler

3) Easier to upgrade if you ever want a different cab
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I'd go for the combo. The speaker is somewhat mellower, it's in one piece, and you can use the speaker out to hook it up to another cab if you wish. I used one in the studio last week, and much preferred the sound of that, as opposed to the vintage 30 in the stock cab.

Up to you though.
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personally, i prefer the valvepower 18 watt marshall clone, but if you've got your heart set on the orange (or need the extra gain it has), then go for it.

up to you regarding which option- head gives you more options, but is arguably more awkward to carry (or at least, easier to carry but involves more trips).

if they have different speakers, as jimbob says, though, and one's open-backed and the other isn't, that's going to change the sound quite a bit.
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