I have the cash, but I'm just wanting to make sure the price is right.
I'm actually good friends with the guy selling it, so I could get a slight price drop also.

Ibanez S 2170FB Prestige with active EMG pickups (81/SA/85). 22 fret neck. Maple neck with rosewood inlaid. Comes with the original hardshell and the manual. Double locking ZR trem system and locking nut. Good condition. One small ding above the 5-way toggle switch. Also includes dunlop straplocks and strap. I'm looking to get $850 on this. Shoot me an offer.

Tons of good deals on Harmony Central and Sevenstring.org.
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The price seems reasonable. The pickups themselves cost near $300usd so yeah I would jump on the deal if I had the cash too and it played well enough.