Just wondering waht alternatives there are to the pocket POD (Aside frome the more expensive pods)
I like the features the POD has. Customizable sounds and a headphone jack (for recording and late night practice) are big bonuses.

I've heard mixed things about the BOSS ME pedals...

Anything else?
Pocket POD is actually a full POD 2.0. It mentions various features on the website, and I was like "****, no JCM800 or Top Boost AC30"? In reality it does.

Some of the Pod 2.0 models are actually pretty good. If you run it through a proper amp it'll sound decent and it'll be good for headphone practice.
Haven't heard much about the Boss ME, but the Pocket POD can be annoying. You can't just switch between effects on the fly, you have to manually take, like, 10 seconds to get to another effect.
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