Hi guys, usually I don't ask for help at all, let alone help with the music I choose to listen to and play but I'm trying to get a more jazzy fusion-y kind of sound into my playing and right now I'm not entirely sure where to begin so my question is relatively simple:

Can anyone recommend me some music with soloing in a kind of jazz-y fusion-y idiom that doesn't have the hugely advanced technique that I usually associate with such playing? With tabs and such that I can learn if at all possible...

I don't exactly consider my technique to be bad or anything, I'm a reasonably proficient player but at the moment my playing very much in that standard metal/blues line and I would like to ease myself into a different way of playing so don't want to throw myself in at the deep end.

halp pl0x?

Edit: Just remembered something else I should probably say: I have a pretty decent knowledge of theory so once I have a tab and such to work from I'll be able to figure out what's going on, I just don't really know where to begin on my own...
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Might be worth listening to some Rippingtons stuff.
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I know I'm just a nublet so this won't probably help at all, but... if you normally use scales when you're playing have you tried just going for arpeggios? Or mixing between arps/scales to make it more melodic? Change your toolset to make yourself do something different.

Might be worth asking in MT too - some of the guys in there are pretty good fusion players - or they sound good to me anyway!
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Maybe Pat Metheny? I just had a brief search around sounds okay after a quick preview.
Hey ZB - I cant help with any jazz/fusion suggestions, but I can share something that I've been doing lately that's helped quite a bit in the note choice department, as well as a bunch of other ways.

What I'll do is go to, say the 7th position, and make up a short phrase in Em (in this example), sometimes only 4 or 6 notes. Then I'll shift down to the 4th position, and play the same phrase, starting with my pinky on the 7th fret. Then go back up to the 7th position, make up a new phrase, and repeat for as long as I'm having fun.

Things I've noticed -
1) Despite knowing the fretboard quite well, and thinking more in notes than patterns, it made me realize that a lot of my phrasing (and esp. accenting) was still very dependant on how the notes fell on the strings. This really helped me mix up the old patterns I was still using whenever I improvised something.
2) I've noticed my aural memory improving as the phrases have grown gradually longer, and I have to be able to recall them without just repeating the finger movements.
3) When I started doing this regularly, I'd have to think for a second to figure out the new fingering (I guess my fretboard knowledge isn't that great after all). After a while, it crept up on me that I was starting to use my ear to lead my fingers more and more - like subconsciously my brain said "ah, all this constant figuring out of fingerings is getting tiresome, I'll just play the damn thing".

I know this doesnt answer the original question directly, but it's something that's really led to quite a bump in my improvising over just a few weeks, so I figured I'd share anyway.
Listen to Saxaphone solos. They are generally much more proficient in soloing/single note choice that guitar players (because that's basically all they do). Also, if you don't already, buy Guitar Techniques magazine. They have a regular Jazz column and a "Creative Rock" column which regularly deals with Jazz/Fusion ideas and concepts in a rock context.
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