8 tracks of mostly black metal featuring bands I believe deserve more attention.


Autumnal Winds - Enter My Kingdom

Melodic black/death metal from the United States. Only a demo out at the moment, but tracks are being re-recorded at the moment with a real drummer and with better production. Regardless, this demo is full of mysterious melody with a blackened edge. This particular track represents the sound of the band well, and is off the demo Venerari Sacra Mysteria.

Forgotten Woods - As The Wolves Gather

Black metal from Norway, and one of the pioneers in early depressive black metal. Highly underappreciated band, cold and relentless. This track is off their debut full-length, As The Wolves Gather.

Forest Silence - Spirits Of The Wind

Slow, hypnotic black metal (at least on their full-length) from Hungary. Well used keyboards along with deeper sounding black metal vocals create a freezing atmosphere. Besides the album this track is off, Philosophy Of Winter, all other releases from this band are dark ambient. Still worth checking out those demos if you're into pure ambient; they're quite good.

Creeping - The Reckoning

Stoner black metal from New Zealand. One of my favourite local bands. Reminds me of Darkthrone, but with some really crushing and slow passages. This track is off their debut album, Funeral Crawl.

Aeternus - Ild Dans

Underrated blackened death metal from Norway. Epic stuff. Track is off their 2nd full length, ...and So the Night Became.

The Fall Of Every Season - From Below

Doom metal from Norway. Deep growls with haunting clean vocal passages. Very melancholic sound. This track is off their first album, From Below.

Amesoeurs - Bonheur Amputé

Most people probably know this band, but might not have heard their EP, only the full-length. Black metal from France, this track is off their first EP, Ruines Humaines. Compared to their full-length which came after, I personally think this is a much stronger effort from the band, and a better style overall.

Spectral Lore - The Drone's Journey, Recoiling Beneath The Waves

Experimental black metal from Greece, this band creates epic soundscapes with long drone passages. This is my favourite track from the album II. Awesome wall of sound which dissapates into a drone ending. Good end to the mix


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I suppose I'll check this out later, if been trying to listen to more classical, but I keep getting sucked back into metal every now and then; I'll listen tonight. Also, where did you happen upon the Autumnal Winds demo, I've been looking for it for awhile now.
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Take a look on my profile, VampireGoldfish posted a link to the demo there
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If it makes you feel any better, I was going to put up Winterfylleth but AnnihiSlateR beat me to it
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Christ, I don't know if i've heard of all these bands, or if their names just so similar that I think i've heard them. Will check out though, right now..

Autumnal Winds - Intro gave me a good feel. Liked the little cymbal usage or hi-hat whatever it is...The talking part wasn't to my liking, but the vocals were pretty cool so far. Sound a little hollow, but still great. Wow, short song..Liked it!

Forgotten Woods - Sounds like a good one, not much of this constant blastbeat going on, when you listen to more of the raw black metal, which is good. The vocals annoying the piss out of me with the echoing effect...at first they were anyways, I grew to like them. The break and then the riffage = good stuff. Got SO much better by the end.

Forest Silence - Pretty cool. Enjoyed the breakthrough parts, the vocals were really good. The riffs/drumming weren't exactly superb, but they suited the song perfectly.

Creeping - Been kind of drifting through this one...It's been good, really evil. The vocals especially, even the little solo was evil. This song has to be under the name of Satan.

Aeturnus - Heard of the band, but never got around to checking it out. An older style of black metal to create a very nice tone, good riffs, good acoustic breaks, this song has it all. Even the vocals were awesome, a little groggy and deep, but doesn't mean it's awful..Good stuff. The cleaner vocals were sweet too. Forgot to mention them.

The Fall of Every Season - This was amazing. The vocals were a little sloppy for the black metal part, they have that real disgusting feel to them, the cleans and gutterals made my day. The leads were great, drumming was there...Overall, what a stunning song.

Amesouers - Already a great intro, reminds me a lot of Alcest already. Been meaning to check this band out actually, but never got around it...I'm assuming it has Neige judging from the shrieking? Well, instantly something is amazing if Neige is involved. So, naturally, I loved this song. Perfect everything.

Spectral Lore - Atmosphere out the kazoo. Wow.

Overall, stellar list


Honestly, that's what 8track it went to after, I am dissapoint.
The last track is ace. Thanks for listing.

And whose dick do I have to suck to get one of these slots? What do I have to do?
Thanks guys. And Moogle, I thought I'd leave Strid for your next slot

I added you to the list raincoffin
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Yup, then Dyers or whatever mod will sticky it for a week.
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Guys I won't be free tomorrow, so can I please upload mine on the 28th (saturday)?

EDIT: I'll still try my best to take out some time for it, though.
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Thanks guys. And Moogle, I thought I'd leave Strid for your next slot

Aha, gotcha.

Again, I must add: what a fantastic and solid list. Thanks for sharing.

Spectral Lore was most memorable, for sure.
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