Due to more industry interest in my band around my area Ive decided to upgrade my gear from a Epi LP and Marshall MG100, all this gear is borrowed so it's about time I got my own.

I have been looking into amplifiers such as the orange ppc 4x12 cabinet / Vox AC30CC2 and the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. but im a bit unsure which would be suited best to my playing style (Which live is indie/shoegazey but personally im a blues/jazz player) And for guitar nothing too fancy just something that plays rhythm AND lead. Ive been playing for around 5 years now but I don't keep up with new amps n guitars
Well what is your budget? are you willing to go used? if so what large city do you live near? and also how much gain will you need?.... but it will need to take pedals for shoegaze
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Owning a Fender Jazzmaster, I can definitely say that it suits your style... It's great for bluesy/jazzy (as the name indicates) stuff, and has a magnificent clean sound, on the other hand it's great for playing shoegaze and stuff, and a lot of other shoegaze bands have used them (MBV to name one)

So that's pretty much a perfect (yet not cheap) guitar, but for the amp I'd have no idea
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Sorry I have a budget of rougly £1000, I live in Manchester UK, I need to be able to gig with the rig and record as well. I want brand new because I have found a 0% finance deal that will accommodate both, I would also love to replicate that foal-esque tone

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Personally I'd go for the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, quite a few bands use them now due to their good clean sound the Vox's Reverb is pretty bad imo (and i must stress that MY opinion). Fender's are roughly about £600 so thats left you with say about £400 for a guitar, you won't be able to get a Jazzmaster/Jaguar for that but you could get a Fender Baja Telecaster for £50 more (roughly) and having played one it's a decent guitar, if they still made them I'd say go for the Light Ash Tele which I have and the pick ups are a little better being Seymour Duncans.

I hope this has been of some help to you, like I stated thats just what I'd go for if I were you.
The hot rod sounds cool, but i think i could get the orange PPC 4X12 Cabinet for around £599 with around 240 watts of sound? The baja also seems like a good shout as well, but I think for quality I could spend up to £1200 for an amazing rig
If you're willing to spend £1200 then you've opened more doors, like perhaps some pedals? Delay is always a good call as is Reverb, maybe an EQ pedal?
I've never played through an Orange other than a tiny terror head at my local guitar shop, which if it's anything like that it'll be pretty good, just remember its not all about wattage! The Baja is a really good guitar for the money, I just prefered the bit more grit you get out of the Light Ash Tele.

Let me know what you decide on
If you can, get a Jazzmaster somehow. I have one, it's brilliant. It can do lead and rhythm (especially with the Rhythm Circuit which is just amazing, and you can use it to switch between clean and overdrive quickly). Ontop of that, it pretty much just is "the shoegaze/indie guitar". Just make sure you threadlock the screws on the bridge.

Also regarding the comment above about the VOX's reverb, it's easily replaceable with a Standard Accutronix tank for very little money at all (just a plug and play situation).
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Also regarding the comment above about the VOX's reverb, it's easily replaceable with a Standard Accutronix tank for very little money at all (just a plug and play situation).

I know you can replace the VOX's reverb tank but I honestly dont think it's worth it, like I said it's just my personal taste but I'd rather have the Fender and E/H Holy Grail Plus
Sorry for the double post but AntiG3 is right on the Jazzmaster, get one if you can!
Thanks for all the info! I will let you know what I decide on gonna go out and play on a few of the amps and the guitars suggested