Right, I've only just decided to start learning some theory. (Hey, I wanna learn)

I don't know where to start. I think learning some scales? Or what?

Any pointers?
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get one of those books, like dummies guide to music theory, so you get the basics, then from there build on to it. Or just google music theory.
I decided to learn music theorybut i didnt do it in the normal way, I basically learnt about intervals and circle of fifths, then skipped boring stuff (in my opinion) and went to do augmented, diminished, suspended chords etc... I mostly learnt by playing around on a piano and some music websites:

start like this

notes ( though you probably already the names of the notes)
circle of fifths
major scale
minor scale
how to build chords and chord progressions
pentatonic and blues scale
modes and how other scales relate to the major scale (the minor scale is the aeolian mode)

thats as far as ive gotten so far. and i did it all on the internet. next i want to learn about things like cadences and chord modulation. good luck
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