Hey guys this is the latest recording from my band My Fair Share. We have been hitting up the studio like crazy lately, even after getting rid of our singer, and we figured we'd get a rough mix-down of one of our songs for people to hear. I sounds pretty amazing so far. Warning though: the solo is uncomped and makes me cringe at times

But check it out. Its on my bands profile here, and also at: http://myspace.com/myfairshare
Hey, cheers for the comment on my song! This isn't my usual thing so maybe I won't be the best judge, but sounds like you've got some cool riffs there. It definitely needs to see some vocals as soon as you can get hold of a singer though - it's crying out for it. The solo is pretty good really, yes there's some mistakes but the style fits perfectly with the song.

But yeah, good song altogether, I'd love to hear some vocals on there though, it might add some catchiness and punch to that first section.
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