So its getting to be that time of year again where we can save some of our own cash (or spend more of it) by throwing it on the wishlist. I haven't figured out what I'm GASing for but i'm sure it'll come.

So UG what's on your holiday wishlist?
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a tube amp that can get great metal/heavy alternative tones at lower volumes. Or an amp that could take a metal distortion pedal really well. Still haven't found what Im looking for tho
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A GraphTech ghost Hexpander and Acoustiphonic Floyd Rose kit in black, to put on the OFR (saddles only, I'm not changing the bridge, I'm a lefty) of the BC Rich NT Warlock I'll be getting in January.
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Justice4AllOne pretty much mentioned all of my ideas so yeah...pointless pun post.

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Thanks fer settin me straight on that Justice

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I was thinking that too, Justice usually seems like a pretty knowledgeable guy.
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Les Paul electric guitar of some sort (vintage or epiphone) and microcube amp and this will be my first electric so cant wait
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I'm buying myself a long overdue Acoustic.
That's all this year. Both my parents are having insane money issues, I'll be lucky to get even a bit chipped in from them.
Was hoping for a new amp, but my own funds would only cover about a third of what I'm after.
Some britrock albums, picks, a guitar book. I've already got 2 good guitars electric and classical, so it suits me just fine.
..And maybe a girl who doesn't have its head on the clouds.
Dean USA Series ML would be great
However I really need a new amp, either a Fender tube or a 5-10W head of some sort
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Dean USA Series ML would be great
However I really need a new amp, either a Fender tube or a 5-10W head of some sort

If someone gives you a 4,000$ guitar for christmas, i fear for the fate of humanity.
A nice tube amp and new guitar
Too expensive though
Right here goes
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TBH I don't think I'm getting what I want for Christmas this year However if anyone has big wallets then by all means feel free to donate to my Christmas appeal
I want a nice new acoustic or a Night train. I doubt ill be getting either though. And my job closed for the winter so i cant buy it myself. I blew all my saved money on my epi paul and its recent upgrades.