I currently own a Blackstar HT-5 head. I play mostly metal and rock. I'm selling my 1x10 cabs and I want to buy a 2x12 cab. Simply enough? Apparently not.

I thought they'd be semi cheap, even used...but I was wrong. Anyway I've gotten past the price. I haven't seen any 2x12's locally, so I've gone to ebay. I've found a few, but I don't know what to do. My original specs I was looking for was a closed back, with v30's.

I know nothing about speakers...I only was looking for V30s because of a recommendation, but I come to you today for help. As I said before I don't know anything about speakers.

Here's a few I've found...any further guidance is extremely appreciated.







I know most of you will just skip the links but I'd really appreciate if you'd look. Again I have no idea what to do. I can't find much help locally and none of my friends have any idea what I'm talking about when it comes to guitars, much less music.

Thanks for your help.
bump for ya

The first one has expired, but it didn't look very good to me.
That 'sunset beach' cab looked good, seemed to play off the Orange brand but I've never heard of them
I probably would get the Bugera cab
The Carvin cab would be nice but it is open back
The other 2 looked like no named brands that I would be unsure of

What about Mesa, Orange, Avatar, Vadar, Carvin, Lopoline, Marshall, etc cabs?

What is your cab budget and where do you live?
I live in the US, Illinois. I'd like to spent $300 max.

I was just looking at 2x12's on Ebay, I just figured that was the easiest since I can't find any locally.