Ok well I have to keep my speaker choice under $80..... I have looked at Emenince and Warehouse Guitar Speakers..

So far, I have played a few of the emenince speakers but when i played the Warehouse Guitar speakers they seemed to be more clear and present with their tone..

So there are 3 WGS speakers i like the tone of..

12” HM75 (75w RMS)
12” ET65 (65w RMS)
12” Reaper HP (50w RMS)

My amp is 40w of tube head, this speaker is going into a 1x12 closed back cab..I will mostly be playing heavy metal, death metal and melodic metal.

etc etc........

I really like all three but I have only played the HM75 and it kills, but the cleans of the Reaper and ET65 sound sweet on the WGS site..
Grabbed a Eminence red coat- wizard...

I liked the Veteran but it had that british tone to it so i steered away from it..
Yep, it was between those two speakers for me. i picked up the wizard cause of the low end it had,.

Either way both speakers sound amazing