Alright, so, I currently use TG for all my tabbing needs (for reading GPs, for tabbing stuff on my own, etc), and it's awesome. I prefer it over GuitarPro (more streamlined, easier to use), which I only had the demo of.

Anyway, my question is thus: Can I submit a TuxGuitar file to UG as a GuitarPro or something? Or can I submit it any other way? I'm currently working on some tabs I'd like to submit, but if I can't use Tux, I don't know how I'd be able to submit them, aside from buying GuitarPro, or making it a regular tab (which I don't want to do).

Any help is appreciated.
If you save it in .gp, .gp3, .gp4, or .gp5 format, then it is a guitarpro tab, you should be able to submit it as a guitarpro tab.
Using Tux is fine. I like Tux.
I personally just don't know how to submit my own gp tabs i've been working on in Tux, all I've been able to figure out is how to submit a text tab.
Could YOU help me with that part, or point me to an FAQ? I've had no luck thus far.

Same here - any help is appreciated.
Okay, I must have missed that 'Type' dropdown that lets me pick guitarpro.

I just submitted my tab (that I worked on in TG and submitted in .gp3 format) and it wasn't rejected or anything during the submission process. I don't know if it will be accepted/posted only because the song is already in the archives a few times and my submission is a correction to an inaccurate keyboard part.

So... proof positive that if you make sure your TG files are saved in a .gp3 format they will be submitted easily.