So this is a cover song of the first Max Payne theme, just a jazz version.

I wrote it for the cover contest, but since there's no crit for this piece yet, I post it here.

GP5 for RSE, GP4 for midi.

C4C as always, the more you write, the more I write back.
max payne trio.zip
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Thank you for your awesome crit!

Section 1.
Haven't got much to say, but it's really awesome. I loved drums, they were so professionally made! Bassline and guitar matched together, very fantastic work

Section 2.
Again, professionally made drums. Bars 24-25 and 28-29 sounded a little bit off for me.

Section 3.
Really awesome work. Really great acoustic guitar work! I really loved bars 31-32. Also bar 34 was very cool when guitar and bass played same notes at start of the bar.

Section 4.(Downfall)
I loved break at bar 48 and 49.

Section 5.
I loved first three bars. 56-59 didn't catch really my intrests. Cool bassline .

Section 6.
Pretty basic guitar, but bassline catched really my intrests. Also drums made me pay some attention to them.

Section 7.(Max prepares for fight)
Distrotion :O! Well, It was pretty basic, but as small break pretty good one! Also it's bridge to distrotion riffs.

Section 8.
Very awesome. Just great! Didn't like last two bars, but othervise just awesome!

Section 9.
Very great first 4 bars, they just made me feel like there's a huge battle coming ahead, really great! Itself guitar solo was pretty nice one, but nothing very special.

Section 10.
Sad end. Nothing special about this one.

Can't really say much, but I'm amazed. Very good work, I really liked the drums
I would give like 8½-9/10 for you. Good work mate!