I'm looking for a pedal to give my guitar a little more punch when I'm going through a PA system. I have a Tay 110e. Would it be better to get a multi pedal with some chorus on it or should just get the Boss Compression/ Sustainer?
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Pre-amp/DI box, for sure. I find that the Aphex Acoustic Xciter does wonders for UST equipped guitars, which your 110ce is with its ES-T system. It doesnt do much else though, its a bit of a one trick pony.

On the other the Fishman Pro Platinum EQ is about the same price, maybe cheaper, than the Xciter and has tons of features that are useful. 4 band EQ with a sweepable mid-range, which is a nice onstage tone control to have since the ES and ES-T dont really have a specific mid-range control. Smooth knob adds compression and if set about halfway really keeps hard strumming and the annoying high end quacks that come along with it at bay, probably my favorite feature and it's another great asset to a UST type guitar. Then there's the phase and notch filters, which simply help control noise and feedback. A XLR direct out and an additional tuner out/send, which you can use to keep a tuner pedal out of your direct signal chain or you can use it for direct recording/sending your guitar to a seperate live monitor. Bottom line...get it, it will add all the punch you're looking depending on how you set it and there's so many ways to set it up.

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+1 on the DynaComp Compressor.
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