Oi comrades

so I've noticed that many pedals nowdays have a nice artistic design.

I thought let's all have a jolly good time appreciating this way of art by posting digital foto pictures of your most artsy pedal to keep the working class motivated and thus increase the production rate by 2%!!

my most decorated pedal has to be my musket.

I gloriously salute you,

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functionality > looks.

I don't care about the sound or whatever just pure the design!

that is why I'm posting in the pit
Those are awesome nightraven...especially the Echo.
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Anything Zvex.

+1 to what this man says
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brb getting pics of mine

my two prettiest and my two favourite

For me its my [soon to be] shoegazer.

Edit: to keep the thread rolling

multicolour random messge!

FAC 13
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functionality > looks.

Not at all....

(okay maybe)
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This thread needs more ZVex.
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All protone pedals are epic!
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I also like the Vox Over the Top Boost in an undertstated kind of way.
I love white guitars!

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