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I've heard some rumors that some of the singing students at my school can sing with a harmonic voice, like two different notes at one time.
Does anyone know something about this, or how to learn to sing this way?

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It's not really like actual singing, if that's what you're on about. From what I know (I'm no expert, so take this with a pinch of salt) it's just like, single sounds (Ooo, Ahh, Ee, and so on), and you can't really control what overtones you get and such. I think there are a couple of lessons on youtube about so-called ''Harmonic Throat Singing''.
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I think the first minute and a half of the video might be what they're talking about. You can't distinctly hear different pitches, but you can hear a blend of a couple. Like the technique or not, they proved you can do it.
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its done by shaping your throat and the inside of your mouth, practice and you'll get it. It's very difficult but I'm just a beginner at it myself. You can get octaves and 5ths relatively easily, and for basses in a choir(like me) an overtone-rich sound is preferred because it supports the harmony more. I can't imagine using it for solo singing.
Tibetan monks do what is called multiphonic singing. Might be something on YouTube on it.

From what little I know of it, it works on the same premise as multiphonics on a brass instrument.

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