ermm ya i was just wondering if this gutair was a good one because my old squire bullet strat broke and i'm looking for new gutiars.

I was wondering if the pickups were anygood or are there any othere guitar that is better and less than 400 but has the same body and colour because i really like that body and finish
Those are quite okay. But save some more money and buy the F-250, it isn't much more expensive and way better than the 100.
ahh yes i had a look at that

the only problem is that it has a tremillo bridge and while playing my mate ibanez with a tremilo bridge i found that it well doesn't like u tuning to standered and drop d and then c and then well around and stuff so i was kinda looking for a fixed bridge
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Uhm what's wrong with his Ibanez?

Good guess, he hasn't got it setup well. That or blame Ibanez, my LTD is amazing!

sounds like it's an edge III and they're a pain
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Yeah, so see what I am saying is not all locking trems aren't bad!
Blame Ibanez. Be an anti Ibanez fanboy, then go out there, and make me proud! (Tear falls down eye).

there's nothing wrong with ibanez it's just the egde III is not one of their best tremelos, alot of people put in an official floyd rose and make it awsome