i want to buy a vox pathfinder. 15w. ive read reviews, sounds like it will be nice but my question is this. If i want to play with a band at a small club or even practice, will an extension cab, say a 1 x 12 work? or is there no point in buying an amp that small for anything but bedroom practice...any info is helpful...thanks...

ps...i have used cheap 10w amps cranked and love the breakup sound...i also use currently a cheapo 30w bass amp for guitar, same thing, love it cranked, just want the vox sound without spending $1000 on the ac15
post this in the guitar gear and accesories, you may want to look at a vox ac4 the tube circuitry will make it's 4 watts louder than the 15 of the pathfinder
where are you located because the ac15 isnt $1000 in the states. and what is exactly your budget?
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Personally the I'd say the AC4 would be better that the pathfinder but you said you're wanting it for a band & such. Unless you mic them up you're going to struggle to get over the drums let alone be heard off the stage.
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where are you located because the ac15 isnt $1000 in the states. and what is exactly your budget?

He might be from New Zealand, but if he's from the states then he's probably looking at the Alnico Blue AC15, which is listed at $999 I think. The one with the wharfdale speaker is only $600

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no i am from the states. sorry i never really looked into the vox ac series i had seen the ac30 and thought they were all about the same.

i would like to find something for under 300, but i dont think im going to find a loud enough tube amp for gigs for that... i did check out some 4-6w amps, the smaller epiphone, vox, fender etc though
Bugera v55 combo or head and cab. they are cheap and sound pretty good.
Bugera v22 is 350 if you can stretch that far.
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