i want to buy a vox pathfinder. 15w. ive read reviews, sounds like it will be nice but my question is this. If i want to play with a band at a small club or even practice, will an extension cab, say a 1 x 12 work? or is there no point in buying an amp that small for anything but bedroom practice...any info is helpful...thanks...

ps...i have used cheap 10w amps cranked and love the breakup sound...i also use currently a cheapo 30w bass amp for guitar, same thing, love it cranked, just want the vox sound without spending $1000 on the ac15
you could go used find a ac 15 for 500 or even less
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1) The Pathfinder doesn't sound that much like a tube Vox. Sure it's a nice little amp for what it costs, especially if you like it's crazy fuzzy distortion, but it still doesn't sound much like the other Voxes.

2) I am sorry but this combo is definitely not loud enough for band use.
my brother had one of these and my crappy no name practice amp sounded better and was louder. it was only 10w too. no way this thing could keep up with a drummer for band use, and for a lot cheaper u can get a better amp for bedroom practice

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I own one, it's my bedroom amp and... not much more. I like its cleans, and even its distortion when I feel like playing rough and indie-ish (does it make any sense? ), but it is NOT an option for a band setting. It isn't loud enough. It could be audible over a drummer, but you won't have any cleans, it will distort almost every note you play (not in a tube-like/nice way).

As much as I like it for bedroom practice, I'm still going to replace it with a small tube amp, like a Valve Jr or a vox AC4. It's been several years since I have bought my pathfinder, and I'm beginning to feel the need for t00bz even when I'm not in my band practice space.

Bottom line: if you don't want to spend a lot for a serious band practice amp, either save up or at least buy a small tube amp. That's what I would do.
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