Hai Guys,

I was wondering, what exactly are the differences between the Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker and a Marshall JTM-60? I know the Bluesbreaker is in theory just a 212 comboversion of the famous JTM-45.

Now, the Bluesbreaker costs about €1500 new, but if I look for a JTM-60 on my local classifieds, there are some for €400-600. Is there such a big difference in sound between the Bluesbreakers and a used (80's I think?) JTM-60 112 combo?

P.S.: I do know the JTM-60s have overheating problems, but I also read those problems should be fixed with a new transformer and a fan installed.

tl;dr: What are the differences between the 1962 Bluesbreaker reissue and the (80's?) JTM-60 112 combos?

Thanks for your help
The JTM60 is a 60 watt amp, similar to the JCM600s
They were the "buget" line of the 90's when Marshall was pushing out it's (at the time) flagship; the JCM900s

The BluesBreaker is the combo version of the JTM45, the JTM45 is the first Marshall and used KT66s tubes and was basically a "Fender Bassman in a Marshall box"

The BB has a tremolo circuit built into it, other then that, it's the same as the JTM45

If you want JTM45 tones, i'd suggest Ceriatone or MeteroAmps; they make clones and from what i hear they sound pretty good, plus they cost cheaper and are more durable then the RI Marshall's (from what i've heard the RI's are pretty crappy)