Ok don't put me down for being such a newbie, but if anyone knows the song Everlong, you know how the beginning goes? How do I go about strumming it?
All down strokes.

There are different ways to play it, just look at a tab, go slowly at first, then speed up when it sounds good.
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you want to hold your fingers in a "d minor." form.

first finger, e string, first fret.
second finger, G string, second fret.
third finger, B string, 3rd fret.
pinky on the 3rd fret e string also.

then you pick the D string first, then the G string, then the B string then the e string.

the hard part is next. pull-off on the e string.

that's as far as ive gotten.

I usually go to youtube and look for people teaching lessons.