i had a dream about my ex's father,
enclosed is a description of the dream to her, taken from a steam conversation
her father dosent own a sweet shop, he is a window cleaner..

The Free-Man: my dream
The Free-Man: i was in high street with you, my mum someone else
The Free-Man: and we were outside blockbusters
The Free-Man: and we were talkign, and ur dad called me chubby
Willow: :O
The Free-Man: i put my guitar case down, ands my bag
The Free-Man: and he started to run caus i said i w9ould get him
Willow: wasnt it about a sweet shop ?
The Free-Man: he owns a sweetshop in that white bit by the model shop that closes early
Willow: aah
The Free-Man: he ran there and stood behind the desk, so i got in
The Free-Man: and i punched him( grazed because i missed)
The Free-Man: int he face, he pushed the panic button behind the till, and ran upstairs into his see thru office and locked the door
The Free-Man: the police came
The Free-Man: and it was a big fat black man, and i was eating a dairy milk i stole
Willow: lol
The Free-Man: and we knew each other, and we hugged and had a little conversation
The Free-Man: and i left the shop, and that was it
Willow: :s
Willow: lol wierd
Willow: hehe
Willow: i dont like my dad either

tl;dr. strange dream, anazlyse
You will die a young and fiery death.
Life is like an Empty Box, there could be something exciting in it at first look, but upon further review, well, it's empty.

From my experience as a tarot card reader and astrologist this means you might die a young and fiery death.
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Sir, I love you.

Why are you still talking to your ex? The whole "let's still be friends" thing is just something you say. You don't actually follow through with it!!!
Wow James
Lay of the glue man :P
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I'm pretty sure this means that you were molested by your mother as a small child.
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Re-read that all again. And you'll notice a common factor, one that's not easy to see at first, but it's there. Do you wanna know what the common recurrence in every line of your dream is? It's gibberish. I had a dream last night that the ghost of lethargy was haunting my house, and kept breaking things, then making everyone too lazy to care so it could get away with it. Imo dreams are just nonsense that we're trying to make sense of ... though come to think of it, I was pretty tired when I woke up from that dream ... creepy.
How is that a weird dream at all? Sorry TS, but you, just like your dream, bore me.
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What a shitty dream. Clearly all that it means is that you are a massive homosexual and that you will probably be raped by a llama sometime in the next week. It could just be that you should go through with that sex change you have been considering. NEVER STAY FRIENDS WITH AN EX!!
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haha i guess, like the time the man dressed in a bunny suit was re landscaping my garden

Oh no that wasn't a dream.. that was me It was a DARE
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