Since i already liked the first one Meadowlands i decided to listen to em all!

like it, really mellow beginning, your voice is soothing and it suits this song very well!
one thing I didn't really like about this track is what seems to be tapping on the acoustic guitarbody. If I'm mistaking
nice track overall, love the tone of the guitars, sounds like theirs a million at once,
that makes it a little muddy at times but still enjoyable.

nice touch with what i guess are waves or wind at sea or something? but it pollutes the track a little. The reverb on the vocals is nice for the effect but it tires a little, because it's hard to understand what your saying.
but again I like the mood, very calm.

29th BEST
ooh, I like the taps and klicks on the body this time around!
Your voice comes out nice this time with a little less reverb, i like the groove of the verse part! but maybe add like a low kick with a very far away feel?
Nice acoustic solo, the volume could be boosted a little to my liking.
but whats happening is great!
yeah, i love this song.

cool picture with the mini-tomatoes
all the songs have a cool vibe, this one has a bob dylan feel in the beginning, Not dark yet-like.
slide guitar is a good addition, lyrics like
"I just wanna lay down beside you" "I forgot what you are just skin and bones"
"oh surely what has become of you"
the piano gives it a death cab for cutie feel as well
good stuff


Ah an instrumental, I like it,
but there's not enough happening for it to stay interesting,
maybe some piano, or strings?
ah it's not an instrumental
the thing about the songs that I personally like is the moods, I picture this one on a windy mountain for example.

Nice stuff, not that it's not good, but after 5 of these songs, I feel like it could use a drasticaly different song,
not hardcore or metal or something, but something unexpected as a final closer!
I like the chorus "maybe i will miss this place"

overall, Very nice EP, really enjoyed it
let me know when you got some new stuff up!
(EDIT: thought i'd give you my favourite, which is 29th best, if you had too choose a single to release, that would be my pick)

Crit mine? you can choose anything on my profile or
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hey thanks alot for the post! it was exactly what i was looking for haha

the littlest of things reminds me of ben folds a bit, and i really like it. i also like the harmonies in prehistoric. and ZZZ is really great too. but i gotta say i like T.m.y the best. im really into softer more chilled out stuff and im definitely digging it. good job man, keep it up!