Hey, I don't know much about playing live or anything about PA's. All I want to do is play guitar(electric/acoustic) and sing at small venues(coffee house, small bar, ect....) and I don't know what kind of speakers, mics, mixers, stands I need. If anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated! Pics, ads, if you have something for sale, all of these things will help me!
44 views and no responses. Okay, I have $350 to work with. I want to mic my guitar and my voice, or use a pickup of some sort for the guitar. Someone has to know what I need!
That's a tough budget. 2- mics, a small 2-4 channel mixer, and at least 1 speaker(either the board or the speaker needs to be powered). Or a guitar amp, keyboard amp for vocals(not great but possible), 2 mics. Of course cables.

Try to find some used stuff. It's nearly impossible to get decent new stuff on your budget.
hey thanks, I'm glad that take the time to share some of your knowledge! I know the budget is tight, but unemployed, mortgage, 2 cars and 2 dogs...... what do you do?
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You are working with an extremely limited budget and also suffering from other financial hardship.

I recommend you pick up a second hand acoustic amp which has channels for both acoustic guitar and voice. Like this; http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Acoustic-AG30-30W-1x8-Acoustic-Guitar-Combo-Amp?sku=500133
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
adgarbault has some nice suggestions. My band uses that same Mixer. It has a bit of hiss, but is good for the price, Besides, it only appears at high volumes (probably not an issue for an acoustic player) and isn't noticeable when sound is actually coming out of it. I've never used that speaker, but it also looks good for acoustic/singing.

That would be an online route though. What I think is the best route (and what I've always done) is do some researching on music retailer sites (MusiciansFriend, GuitarCenter, SamAsh), look into what you'll need how much it costs so you know your stuff. And then go to an actual store. If it is a good store with nice employees, they'll usually help you get everything you need at the best price. It helps if you know absolutely nothing about a subject, like my band did with PA's. Had we taken the online route, we would have had 2 speakers and a mixer different from what we actually got, neither of which were powered!
WOW!!! Everyone is very helpful. I will Check this equipment out and tell you what I think. Looks perfect for what I want to do! My guitar is only an acoustic but I own a Dean Markley Pro Mag Grand, or I could just get another mic.
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