You need some better "natural" drum sounds, the electro stuff is fine for what it is, and some more varied programming (it's too much machine gun right now). I don't think the guitars are enough in-your-face though. Sounds as if you have the mic too far from the amp and are picking up too much of the room. The distorsion for Pootie Stank is horrible but you've got some good playing going on there, time to re-record that one once you've got your sound and mixing in order.

Considering the bass hanging behind you in the profile pic. I don't hear much bass at all.
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You live in Knoxville?
I'm in Kingsport, If I see you, I'll kick your ass for playing Death and not Thrash.
Lol, nah, I like that shitttttttt.
I mean the quality isn't the best but,pshh, who cares, its about the riff.
I like the part in the first one where that hip-hop beat kicks in and its like "Yeahhh, I'm chillin with my G bitches, Playin some breakdowns"

(no but I wasn't kidding.)
thanks guys.
i'm gonna re-record everything on that page.
i just bought a little interface and a new condenser mic, and got an older version of cubase.
so, hopefully it'll sound a little better.
i've borrowed my friend's 5 string bass and amp also, so i'll make a little bass riff for everything.
but yeah, i'm in knoxville.
any bands need a guitarist?
or anyone want to start a band?