Really need to get this stuff shifted so any fair offer and you'll most likely get it but I'll put in guide prices anyway. All pedalsinclude postage as well.

Matamp Minimat Mk1 £200 +P&P- Great little amp and selling to get another little Matamp as well


Dunlop Hendrix Wah (first version one) - £45 - no rubber feet and a little worn on the back bt generally other than that it's fine.

Cusack Tap a Whirl Tremolo - £150ish. Boxed pretty much new.

Visual Sound Angry Fuzz pedal - £60

PM me as I'm willing to do a good deal on these items and I'll listen to any cash offer (no trades atm as I need the cash). Also I'll get some better pics up tomorrow hopefully.
Forgot about it tbh and half the things of the other thread are sold so it made it tidier but if I'd remembered then I would've bumped so apologies for any offense caused.