I like a girl who used to be my manager, but now we work in the same company but different shops. I've told her I like her, but she said it would be unprofessional for us to go out. I still want to keep her as a friend, but I still quite fancy her, and I need to get over her soon, before she finds someone else and I get hurt. I'm not so sure about her reasons, but it is quite annoying I find a girl I like in the wrong place. But this week I realised I miss her since I used to see her everyday at work. So I've gone to see her twice this week, but knowing she could be out finding another guy or something kills me. And soon her ex, who she almost got engaged too, is going to be my manager at work. that will make it even harder to get over her, and I'm scared they may end up going out again. I also told her I may get jealous if she found someone else, and she understood how I would feel.
Eat, sleep, work, go home, kill self.

If 4 more people tell me to go back to writing The Vanishing Point, I will.

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