I'm looking for sth 8 finger tapping songs and some exercise on 8 finger tapping shred.
Do you know anyone??

rusty cooley's 8 finger tapping chromatic thing:

 TP    TR    TM    TI                (tapping hand)
     P    R    M    I               (fretting hand)

you would do this up and down all the strings. im sure you could find a youtube vid of him doing it.

also on UG somewhere there's a tab of the mario theme song that uses tapping exclusively. granted its only 4 finger tapping, it ignores your fretting hand almost completely, but the tapping hand is the one you would want to practice on i would think.
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SlashYourFug - I saw it.

I'm looking for some arppegios with 8 finger tapping or shred lick.
There are good articles about this by Buckethead, particularly Rip Your Face Off.
Angra - heroes of sand. amazing
For those who care.
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8 finger tapping!?!?

why don't you just take up the piano?
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