I am surveying on a new guitar and putting my eye on squier Standard Stratocaster.


While i am reading the specification below:


I don't understand the following info:

Pickguard 3-Ply Parchment on: 09, 65,
4-Ply Tortoise Shell on: 37,
3-Ply Black on: 92,
1-Ply Matte Black on: 43,
3-Ply Mint Green on 30

What does it mean??

What does these numbers, "09,65", "37" a "92", "43" and "30" mean??

It may not be important but i am just curious and which to improve my knowledge.

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mind you first im an idiot... but im pretty sure its just the product #, nothing we normals need to know
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Each number will relate to one of the finishes the guitar comes in. E.G the 'antique burst rosewood' finish has the model number 0321600537 (ending in 37); "4-Ply Tortoise Shell on: 37" means that antique burst rosewood model has that 4-play tortoise shell pickguard.
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What the pick guards are made of, those numbers refer to the last two digits of the model #
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