Poll: how long can you scream in one breath?
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View poll results: how long can you scream in one breath?
0-10 seconds
1 25%
10-20 seconds
0 0%
20-30 seconds
0 0%
30+ seconds
3 75%
Voters: 4.
how long are you guys able to scream? like, as in one continous breath?

i hear lots of vocalists that are able to do it for what seems like ages, but idk if its just a studio effect, because i also hear that there are people that cant do it for more then five seconds.

i've timed myself, and i can do it for about thirty seconds. granted, its not a completely solid tone the whole time, but its still a tone nonetheless, and im working on polishing it up.

so how long can you guys do it? poll soon
fry you can scream for agggeeesss, false chord not so much.
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Only screaming thread. I really don't think a poll is worthwhile here.

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