Hey all
I recently had to send back my SA260 because the pickups (single coils) were causing awful hum/buzz
Just wondering , with a double humbucker guitar , will i still get hum/buzz.

By the way , it was DEFINATELY the pickups causing buzz. As i tried a different amp , cables etc etc.
humbuckers are designed not to hum so you shouldn't get that, unless they were poorly mad humbuckers, or the wiring is not done properly
yup that or u could get stacked single coils
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Im getting EMG's 81 and 89 , just hoping there is no buzz/hum as with single coils theres been crap loads.
Singles do hum but there are other ways to get loads of hum. A bad ground in your house's electric wiring can do it for one. Proper shielding and grounding in your guitar can make a difference. Many factory guitars dont have any shielding. Also computer monitors and tvs can add alot of hum.