I was think of getting a new amp.
Im in to bands like Led Zeppelin, Jimi hendrix, and Rush.
I also have like about an $500 budget.
Any thought on what amp i should get???
look for used gear if you can

A Marshally type amp is what I would be after. Assuming you don't gig:

Blackstar HT5 stack $600
Peavey Vypyr 60 $450
B52 AT60 $370
Valveking $400
Vox Night Train maybe $400? needs cab
Egnater Rebels
Peavey Windsor head needs cab
Bugera 1990
Marshall MA

used? - give us your closest major city and we might be able to help further
Used Marshall JCM2000 DSL401
Used Fender Blues Jr.
Bugera V55

Try these out along with 311's choices, you should find one you like.
Yeah, like 311 said, a marshally amp would be good, but i dont know if Marshall has very many good amps in that price ranges.

i would check out some Fender or Vox amps. You'll probably like those.
Traynor, Laney, and Epiphone might also give you something you want.