About 5 or 6 years ago, my father came across an Alvarez Electric guitar for about $75. A few days ago, while rummaging through the attic, I found the guitar. I wondered if it were worth anything or what not, or what model it was so I searched for the model number on it. I found nothing but what I believe would be the serial number, but Alvarez doesn't have a serial bank for their electrics. I was wondering if anyone on here knew if Alvarez electrics are worth anything or if they could find the model.

Serial: sl2050043
Color: Black

The body on it isn't really scratched other than from regular use, but up on the neck where the nut is, there's a chip above the nut and the original nut was replaced because it broke. But anyways, if someone could find something out about this guitar I would greatly appreciate it.