i want to get a high output pickup that sounds clear when playing single notes and solos. im using an american standard stratocaster with a maple neck. ideas??? for the bridge position i know basically nothing about it i just know what kinda sound i want.
Duncan Hot Rails for Strat. They definitely cut through, and they sound great either clean or distorted.
My YJM pickups are excellent, but you'll need an overdrive pedal to really make them sing.
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fender tex mex pickups cut through clean and distorted too, they are great for strats
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depends what sort of music you play and the sound/tone you are after.

fender texas specials are a great high output pickup, best suited to blues and classic rock. samarium cobalt noiseless are good also, the hot wound version is particularly good.

bridge position single coil pickups generally do give a very treble sort of sound on their own which i don't like, you may want to consider a humbucker in the bridge position.
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Normally for the bridge I'd suggest either a Hot Rails for hard rock/metal tones, a Cool Rails for rock tones or a Texas Special for blues tones; however, with your current amp high output pickups like these are not a good idea. High output pickups are not designed for solid state amps like that, they don't work in the same way. High output pickups are used with all-valve amplifiers when you like the tone of the amp's distortion but want just a little more of it; a high output pickup will ''hit'' the preamp stage a little harder causing them to distort a little more, giving you a little bit more distortion from the same amp. The problem with solid state amps is they simply do not work in the same way. When you put high output through a solid state amp what you usually end up with is compression (playing dynamics become lost) and harsh signal clipping (which can sound like harder distortion at first but in relaity it loses much more of your signal than valve distortion; your tone will become muddy and/or shrill).

Additionally, clarity and high output don't often go together. To get maximum clarity you actually want a low output pickup with a high resonant peak, set far back from the guitar's strings.

Quite frankly, your American Standard Stratocaster is already a great guitar with very good pickups. With your amp, changing pickups isn't going to improve your tone; at best it will stay the same, though what is more likely is a pickup change will actually make it significantly worse. If you really want to improve your tone you'll want to get a new amplifier, not new pickups; if a new amplifier is out of your range at the moment or if in general you are happy with your amp's current tone, getting an EQ pedal will be a cheap way of tweaking your tone. Either way, pickups aren't the way to go.
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