Im trying to install a new pickup that only has 2 wires (one sheathed insided another) to replace the stock pick ups on my guitar which has 5. I am unsure how to go about the soldering and any help would be much appreciated!
Was the original coil taped/splitable or series/parallel switchable?
If so, you are not going to have that ability with the new pickup.

If not, was two of the wires coming from the pickup soldered together?
If so, one wire goes to the pickup selector and the other goes to ground.

also wiring thread should have some diagrams that could help you out.
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Thanks for the detailed and quick replies!
The guitar is an ibanez grx40 with single, single, bridgle humbucker.
Im not fussed if the selector doesnt work.
here is a schematic of how the stock humbucker is set up:
(the red and white, also the red and grey wires are soldered together. Black wire leads to the humbucker)
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Post this in the wiring thread. There's a link in my sig. You'll get the help you need there. If you don't care use items from the pic below make a better more detailed schematic. I know they'll ask for it in the wiring thread anyway. I guess that's the volume pot in your drawing? It should have 3 lugs on it and we'll need to know which wires go to which lug.
Thank you! Ill make a new schematic and post it in that thread when i get home. Thanks again guys!