ok so i modding my strat and i accidnetally ripped a piece of alimunum (sheilding (i think)
off of the back of the pickguard so i put just a piece of copper sheilding there should this work?
as long as an electrical current can run between the two pieces of shielding then yes
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Quote by Invader Jim
don't even bother. that stuff is completely useless. it does absolutely nothing to shield the guitar.

This man is correct, my old Strat copy has roughly 1.27cm2 of shielding left, and there is not ascernable difference between that and my other Strat copy.
If its just the single piece of "shielding" on the back side of the pickguard then yea it acts more as a ground than it does as shielding. Ive seen some strat copies where it was the ground vs connecting a wire across the back of the pots.
Shielding will only make a differance if you cover the entire controll cavity with it.
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