I've got a greatest hits album, and it's really good stuff. It's got a live version of Mean Town Blues which blows me away every time. Love his version of Come On In My Kitchen too.
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I love Johnny Winter's music...from the first time I heard him and his brother, Edgar when I was 13 years old in Port Neches, Texas...I am now 58...
johnny is awesome. one of the greatest blues players ever. check out Hideaway and Key to the Highway
Get "Progressive Blues Experiment", "Johnny Winter", "Second Winter", and "Live Johnny Winter And"

Those are the ones I have, and they are all excellent. I need to get more of his stuff though. I know he has all the bootleg albums out, as well as more live albums which I'm sure are good.
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Love him.

Second Winter is a great album. That album, and the work he did with Muddy Waters, is what got me hooked on his music.

Check out his performance at the Crossroads Festival: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fjXfb-5QX4

I caught that performance offhand while switching through the channels a bit back. Man I was BLOWN AWAY. He's still got it. Trucks and the whole band knew what was going on to, that's why they were smiling. Lots of energy.
Still Alive and Well. An album that deserves an abundance of volume. So does the Progressive Blues Experiment.

I've got all the Muddy Waters stuff too. I love it, especially Hard Again. Johnny's slide on "Can't Be Satisfied" is mind-blowing.

One of my favorite Johnny Winter tunes is "Stranger" off of the John Dawson Winter III album. That's progressive blues right there. Seriously, if you can find it, listen to it.
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I, for one admire the hell out of Johnny Winter. I had forgotten about him for many years and have only recently rediscovered his music. I can not get enough of it now. As one of the most underrated blues guitarist out there, his music still amazes me.

Saw him live in May 2009, and crapped my pants with amazement.