This is a song i wrote out of complete boredom one day at school i had a free period and a guitar, so i began writing. The song's harmonic structure is quite simple. The chord progression in the chorus follows a simple pattern that goes something like this.

Fadd9 - G6 - F6 - Cadd9 - D6 - C6

This repeats itself 4 times at the beginning of the song. The progression then shifts into this figure

Em - G - C - A - D

And then we have a alternating pre - chorus of D - and - G in triplets. This is accompanied by a vocal scale (of which i am not sure)

The song then slips into waltz time for a few measures Dmaj7 - G - Dmaj7 - G

We then return to common time while i slide into a really attacking chord progression while i wail at the top of my lungs.

The song then goes to a Gmaj7 - Fadd9 - Gmaj7 - Fadd9 progression where i complain about not having a girlfriend and weed.

The song then repeats with different lyrics.

Speaking of lyrics here they are, no matter how unimportant i may consider them:
When I die
Dump me in the river
Let the fish
Bite at my soul
And let my
Remains float down
And tumble
Down the waterfall

Im so bored
I sit in my room
All day long
Doing nothing
Got no girl
To cheer me up
Got no friends
To smoke weed with

When the sun
Rises from the ground
When the earth
Is bathed in solar light
When I feel
You press play
And it pops
When you press stop

When I feel
Things are going right
I calm down
And the feeling inside dies
And I see
The grandiose of morning light
Makes me wish
I hadnt died last night

Heres a recording of it
sup, my name is abe