i have a bc rich warlock bronze series and my bridge pickup doesnt work now i checked the switch and i dont think it has anything to do with that...i think its the pickup and i dont have the cash for that so i was wondering if i might be able to fix it myself and if so how...thank you.
What made it stop working?

If you can't find a bad connection swap the bridge & the neck until you save up enough for a new Pup.
probably a broken solder u should open the guitar up and look for a disconnected wire and if there is one solder it back
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Switch pick ups and see if it works...if not,its
most likely a wire...or you just need new pickups.

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i have switch the pickups and checked for loose connections it is niether of the two that is why i am wondering if anyone knows how to fix pickups
When you say you switched the pups do you mean you flipped the switch, or do you mean you unsoldered the pups and unmounted them, and swapped locations and resoldered them?

As for fixing a pup, the only thing that can go wrong with one is the wire can break. If the wire breaks, then the pup needs to be re-wound. That costs more than getting a new pup.
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i actually resoldered the wires and lame ok...

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