well, its not really CLEAN is it? but im assuming you just mean not dirty. anyways, i think it sounds good. kinda almost like eric johnson type clean stuff. do you listen to him? i think maybe it needs more "sparkle" to it. it might jsut be the recording though. your low notes kind of drown out the high notes. maybe more presence or something might fix that. it might help bring the sound a little more forward and not get drowned out by the low end.

I appreciate your comments.

Everyone says this sounds like the 80's. Some people on other guitar forums love it and want to know how I get the sound, and some say it sounds really chessy and stupid. It cost me a lot of money to sound this chessy. I will start a new post on what era of guitar tones do you guys like the best. I must be stuck on 80's tones for some reason.