Like seriously, they're all over UG, and they automaticaly expand everytime you go to a new page, and if you get your mouse like anywhere near it, it expands. It's always an obnoxious ad too, like "Check out this commercial that's on TV all the time for some stupid phone *click for audio*" or "Are you debt? Click here for help". It's really annoying, but I guess UG has to make a living somehow.

I just wonder when these stupid advertisers will realize that advertising on the internet is probably the worst way to advertise, since no one ever takes them seriously or clicks them, all they do is just piss people off.

But then again what I know, I'm just some doing some half asleep rambling.
They hate it when you don't expand with them.
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When I was 11.

Googled "I would like to watch some porn please"

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Rants make poor threads. This one is no exception.
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I also hate a thread made on them every day.
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These threads are getting pretty old, I don't think making pointless rant threads over them will make U.G. take them down.