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Anyways, this is an attempt at a long prog suite type song, such as SOYCD by Pink Floyd. This is also my first attempt at using an organ, and it's a sample organ, and it might not be in perfect sync. And I know, it could use lyrics, but for now I can't do that.

But anyways, hope you like it, and I thank you for taking the time to listen. I will return crit just leave a link. If you want I'll crit a couple of your songs since this is a long song. Don't be afraid to ask. Just as long as they're not both 10 minutes long lol.

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Cool stuff mate. Love the eerie intro, especially when it moves onto the organ bit. I’m guessing Opeth and Pink Floyd are influences of yours? It also reminded me a bit of Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield. I do think, even though it’s intended to be an instrumental, the track would really sound good with some vocals. That country sounding bit at about 7:00 came somewhat unexpectedly! Shows the range of the guitaring, though. It All got a bit muddled in the end, I thought, but was great otherwise. Would you like to critique my track? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1233226
Thanks for the crit.

Not really Opeth, but I'm definitely very influenced by Pink Floyd. This song was actually inspired by King Crimson though. The song isn't really intended to be an instrumental, but since I can't really sing and I don't have a singer it kinda has to be for the time being.

I'll crit your song a little later today dude.
I love the organ in this song. I'm curious to know what you're using for drums, they sounded good. For your lead guitar tone, I would suggest less gain, as it is now it's a little too muddy and inarticulate. The breakdown where each of the instruments did a solo was very cool, and not something I would expect from Prog, seemed like more of a Zeppelin thing. Great work overall, but the song needs vocals to be accessable.
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