on a LP Studio? The rythm pickup was not making sound, so I took it to a guitar shop and they said it was just the switch and was going to charge $30 to replace it. I thought the price is fair but I really want to learn to do it myself. I am not too good with soldering but I can always learn...I just need to know how to take the switch off and the wires to solder on. Is there a youtube video that shows everything? I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.
Umm pretty sure pliers and fingers would do it. You just need a way to grip the top part of the switch (with pliers) with the grooves and holding the rest of the switch in the cavity turn the pliers anti clock wise. I think it's the way that I do it. Obviously you do the reverse to get a new one in.
Just buy a replica switch (Shouldn't be more than $10), a set of pliers will loosen the nut from the top of the switch then you cant pull it out from the cavity underneath then put the wires in the same place as before.

Cut the wires with wire cutters, strip about 5mm off the ends, tin the wires with a bit of solder (Just hold some solder to the ends and heat it up till it takes the shape of the wire, wrap the ends through the lugs hold some solder against the lugs and heat it up with the iron till its secure, shiny and makes good connectivity to metal, be carefull not to over heat it because you could break the switch again.

It's very easy to do, have a look at some beginner soldering videos on youtube.
Wait, so the switch comes out on the top not underneath right?

Where should I buy parts? Should I go with the gibson original parts? Or is there place that sells original parts but for cheaper?
Remove the nut and the toggle switch should come from under the guitar. Not sure on the switch maybe a Switchcraft one.