It's terrible I admit, it's on the spot and all over the place. But I really felt I needed to thank Gojira for helping me through a dark time. It's uncomfortable explaining it here, so this poem should do.


As I walk out of the house and feel a chill
I wrestle my headphones to clear my ill
Left ear
Of the echoes I hear
It won't go away
So I leave it clear

Of noise
Which is slightly inconvenient
Because I can't hear the intro
To the epic yet lenient
How wonderful it sounds
How it takes my mind off the
Parental frown

Though now I am reminded
Of saddening thoughts
Back home where my mother
Has left, distraught
But when I reach the neighbours'
A new song comes flying
What's this? Sticks and stones?
No, my favorite. "Art of Dying"

How dizzying, the passion
Of Joe's captivating screams
I close my eyes when he reminds me to
And it all seems like a dream
Now that my journey is complete
I begin to walk back home
I start to forget Mario's beat
And I stare at a farm truck's chrome

Still I ponder
At solutions to the family dilemma
But species of the bovine kind wander
Towards my general direction 'Where's Ma?'

They stare endlessly at me
But now I reject their company
I throw stones at these beings
'F*ck off.'

But there one nods at me
Saying "Pain is all but done"
Now I stare at this one

Tears fall out of me
As I feed this wise cattle
I leave, say my thanks and my goodbyes
The "Remembrance" breakdown plays. Metal.

"Vacuity" interrupts my train of thought
And introduces familiar faces to me
The child raises her hand
And says "Hello, I'm three!"
I cannot help but smile
My grievances wash away
I say "Hello there, I'm fifteen,
And I'd best be on my way"

I reach the mailbox reading '257'
The one that's lost a shelf
My mind is cleared. Joe congratulates me:
"You finally find yourself."