Hey UG, I need some help. I'm 15 and used to have a band. We broke up because we didn't have enough time for it anymore and we kind of fell out of touch, but now we want to have a jam sesh. We also want the cool musicians we've met along the way to be there too. We're thinking 5-7 people. We have a bassist, guitarists, vocalists, a drummer,and a keyboardist.

Problem is, where can we actually put it?

Is it possible to hold it at a place like a guitar center, or do they not allow bigger jam sessions? We could technically have it at the drummer's house, but not everyone knows the drummer and it would be sketch for some people to go over to his house lol. and i dont think he has like a piano and our keyboardist is really good...

My drummer doesn't want to have to move around his drum set. Also like I said most of the people coming to this don't know the drummer and the drummer has kinda a bad rep so people probably don't want to go to his house
Well you're kinda young but here's my idea anyways, rent a cheap non-connected to many other things apartment. It's what me and a couple of friends did for about a year and it was about the most fun I've ever had.
7 people is too many for a jam anyways. Cut it down a bit.
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December 14, 2017
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Well if your drummer doesn't want to move his kit and no one wants to go over to your drummer's house, I foresee a problem.

I mean i was just wondering if there was another space that had a drum set. Like I see vids of people rocking out on drum sets in guitar centers all the time, but I wasn't sure about their policies on bigger jam sessions. Cuz the drummer also lives kinda far away, so I just want to make it a place that everyone can conveniently access

edit: yeah people get along with the drummer. and I can probably cut it down to like 4 or 5?
You could always find a rehearsal studio and rent it out for a couple hours.

It's nowhere near as expensive as it sounds, and if you split the cost over the people, the price is negligible.