does anyone have any tips for recording vocals with audacity?
plug-ins (and settings?) or whatever could just make it sound better.
I've searched google and all I could find was how to REMOVE vocals, but I just want something that'll blend nicely with the rest of the music.
if it makes a difference, we're doing a pop punk style of music (like a mix of 90's punk and today's pop punk)
I have a Dynamic Mic with a pop filter plugged into the line-in on my laptop.
we've got our guitars, bass, and drums [triggers] recorded already recorded
+1 to the good man who posted exactly what i was going to say.. rvb/comp ftw

chorus is another one for you to play with if you still dont get the sound you want
in the end you just have to try it and see how it sounds..

audacity is a decent recording program though ive recorded with the crappiest plastic keyboard mic and i was able to lay down tracks for both my guitars, and my drums and bass after tweaking my setups a bit.. vox should be a piece of cake though. rock on! \m/
keep the dry track and copy it three times.add a little bit of plate reverb track 2, add 25ms delay to track 3 and 4 and pitch shift track 3 up 0.25 cents and track four down 0.25 cents then pan tracks 3 and 4 hard left and right.your vocals should sound much bigger

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