I don't know about that book specifically, but I often find that "official" tab books aren't entirely accurate..
just check out some tabs in the tab section of this site, i think you could find most of your favourites there and they are free
I've yet to find a single Bon Jovi tab book that is accurate (though I've rarely found accurate tabs online either). Licklibrary produced a Bon Jovi tutorial DVD a while back that was the most accurate thing I've found, though even with that I've ended up ''fixing'' it myself as they got a couple of things wrong.

What I suggest you do is stick to the free online tabs and YouTube video lessons, but don't just learn from one; read/watch several and combine them together. Use your ears, pay close attention to the original recording and with the help of a few different sources combined, you should be able to figure out yourself the best way of playing their songs.
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a few are wrong, but you should be able to fix your own tabs by ear. it's kind of split half and half; half of the tabs are awful, and half are from guitar players who are as anal about their tabs as i am hit or miss, but they'll usually get the tunings and progressions right.
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