well i tryed wiring my guitar for stereo output, simply by soldering two wires from the output lug on the volume control and then soldering each one to the left and right on the output jack.

but it tryed to test it in Guitar rig 4 but it was only out putting to the Right channel 'just' and the Left channel was just ouputing static.

so i then took my guitar thinking that if i use a stereo lead that has a 3 pin XLR on the other end and plugged that into the multi amp i use and just pann it all the way to the Right it should work

but it didnt so i then had to use the crappy electric for stage band rehersal .

then i took it to my man arts teacher and i got him to check the solder joints on the jack itself and he said that the lug belonging to the R channel look like it could have gone cold or frosted so i just unsoldered it and put masking tape on it so it wouldent short out and kill the signal if it was fixed. luckely it was fixed.

once i got home i did a bit more in depth research and it says that you need to use a buffer witch takes the high impedience from the pots and outputs it at low impedence.

and by folowing this wiring diagram

witch ill be using on my les paul build next year if the included buffer works.

the buffer wiring diagram.

will this do what i wont it to do, basicly out put mono onto both channels.

will i evan need a buffer?

was it something basic that went wrong?

thanks for the help guys.
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sorry for the early bump,

but no one has a repsopnse for me ant all??
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When You Type Like That I Hear Brick Tamland's Voice In My Head.
The buffer is just gonna drive a long cable better. If your not using a quality lead thats not 50' long shouldnt really need it. 1 or more of your stompboxes are probably gonna have a buffer, unless they are all true bypass.

Stereo is just more than splitting your signal to l and r. Usually one side will be inverted to give true stereo. I get stereo with a chorus pedal with l/r going to different amps. Its mono up to that point. If you split it at the guitar then your gonna need 2 preamps, doubling up on your FX pedals or stereo input pedals.

AMZs site has a easy to build little jfet buffer/splitter. It doesnt invert for stereo output, but could be used to drive 2 amps. Or with a little redesign use a dual opamp with one side being inverted. It would fit in your guitar if you wanted to go in that direction.