Guys please reply to this fast. I have to choose between a Line 6 Pod X3 Live or a M-13.
I really don't know much about the M13 and am really leaning towards the Pod but can someone temme the difference ?
I am gonna be playing the Pod through Surround sound or computer speakers at home and through tube amps at gigs (not often) and ss amps at jams(more often).

So what should I do? also how much does the M13 cost ?
The m13 is just effects...it doesnt have any amp modeling so ud have to be using it with a guitar amplifier. Plus the pod x3 does guitar base vocal and acoustic stuff ...its awesome
I have the Pod and it's pretty good, it's awesome for recording and so on but I don't exactly love the built-in distortions on that... Anyway, I would DEFINITELY go for the Pod. I think the Pod even includes (most?) of the stuff in M-13.